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So I got an ecig yesterday. The place and people were hella cool. They had all their flavors out and you could plug it in, and give it a try. I was really digging the Spearmint Gum. So I was like yo how much is a starter kit? They were like 35. Alright I’m down. Ecig juice with no nicotine, and 15 mls is like 10 bucks. Alright I’m down. 

I got a burnt atomizer right off the bat, when they had me try it. They replaced it. Alright. I still think it tastes a bit off. They told me come back tomorrow if I have any problems. (They want it to wic for a while. Fair enough.) Trying it now, a bit over 12 hours later. And it tastes like burnt marshmellows. =/ 

I just can’t shop on thursdays man. First the Lelo Nea, now this ecig. Damn. They have another store downtown which I think I’ll appear out and see what they think. But damn. 

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